pancakes & fanbase

I talk a lot and I eat a lot so I thought it only makes sense to create a blog that highlights my habits. I know, everyone and their daughter make food blogs these days but hopefully with my choppy phrasing & shattered iPhone 5, this one will be worth your while.

Post number one covers my favorite meal/time of the day- breakfast.

Not much is better than to wake up to the sun beaming through my window, unnuzzle from my sheets cocoon, do my morning bed stretches and plot what to put into my grumbling tummy.

This morning I moseyed down (not so leisurely drove through the hectic construction of I-91) to New Haven for breakfast with my food-passionate friend Alicia.  

We’ve known each other since I was a freshman and she was a junior in high school.  We met because of the volleyball team. Ya know, if you’re lucky teammate bonds will leave the court and then you make best friends out of the sport. 

Today Alicia and I dined at a place off State St called The Pantry.

Firstly, this place has a parking lot, therefore received instant brownie points in my book because parallel parking just is not my thing.

Our waitress was welcoming and attentive, letting us take our time deciding what to get. The breakfast house’s seats were syrup-free, comforting for my naked legs. The seating arrangement wasn’t tight though there were many hungry customers there. 

I liked that it was a jazz themed restaurant.  There were lots of different Jazz Award Plaques from numerous competitions, as well as jazz band pictures. The restaurant was also decorated with cartoon pictures of saxophone players, making me think I was back in New Orleans. 

The place offered a relaxed feel and the staff knew most of the people dining.

Onto the important stuff: the menu

It’s loaded!   There are many omelet options and countless ways to fix an egg. I’m more of a starch girl though and The Pantry catered my needs. I saw a waitress walk by with caramelized banana French toast & sticky s’mores pancakes- both made my eyes bug and mouth water!

For the most important meal of the day I chose to indulge on Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.


These thick and fluffy hot cakes had crunchy brown sugar cinnamon swirl in every bite! They weren’t too sweet and they were the furthest things from plain. I was in heaven & to top it off, they were only $3!  I thought the homemade glaze drizzle was a genius coating to the breakfast plate.

The Pantry deff won me over.


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