damn mcdonalds

We went to McDonald’s, damn McDonald’s.

Today’s good morning wake up call was made by Felishia nudging me. She wiggled her way out of the middle of Kasie’s overheated queen size bed, where the three of us crashed last night. I don’t completely remember us going to bed but I guess the party died down around 2 and we headed for her room to divide up the noise level.

When Felishia woke me, I checked her phone for the time. It read 7:08AM.

Didn’t get too much sleep last night.

I tried to roll over and get a little more snooze time. That only lasted about 10 minutes because then I heard laughter from the living room. Felishia must have woken the crowd, I thought to myself.

I strolled over to the light commotion of my friends on the other side of the house and saw them slumped on the couches/floor.  All had their eyes half scrunched with tired bags under them. Some people were probably hungover.

Gianna and Felishia left Kasie’s at 7:56, giving Gianna a solid four minutes to get to work.

Aedan, Emily and I rolled out at around 8:30.

Collectively, it was decided that our stomachs &minds were in need of some Mickey D’s for breakfast. We hopped in Emily’s minivan; found a pillow we snagged last night from Kasie’s brother’s bed, and headed to The Golden Arches.

Naturally, I already knew what I was going to get; hotcakes and a hashbrown.

The three of us sat in a booth with a window in the front half of the restaurant(?).  We cracked some jokes, recapped the night as much as we could, and watched the thick steam swirl off the top of Aedan’s hot Newman’s Own.

Of course, I macked the hotcakes down in minutes though I should have probably eaten them slower considering they equal my whole days worth of calories. Don’t get me wrong, Aedan wasn’t too bashful with how he ate his McGriddler.

The crunchy greasy hashbrown was the best worst thing to coat my stomach at 8:50 this morning. At that given moment, I was all about it and was almost questioning why I didn’t  order two of them.  Now though, three hours later, I’m still very full and pissed at myself for not just going home and having some healthy FiberOne Cereal.

Due to recent health problems, I eat healthier now than I ever have. With that being said, as you know, I’m on a two day streak of floury, buttered up pancakes. I don’t know if I should be more mad at myself for my breakfast splurges or for changing into my wet bra in the McDonald’s parking lot before entering.

Self control was lacked this morning but I mean I was with good company so how bummed can I be?  Besides, that was only like the third time this summer that I started my day with McDonald’s…


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  1. Thank you for following my blog. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I try to respond to new bloggers more promptly than this. I’m returning your follow. I love your humor.

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