October Has me Talkin’ About lOve


Scrolling through my “Reader” feed on WordPress, I notice two bloggers I follow are participating in an “October Blogger Challenge”.  To take part in the public challenge, one obtains an online list that breaks down what you need to do/see/show every day of a certain month.  Further, it is suppose to be a fun activity that gives one something to do and lets them connect with others.  This social contest was big on Instagram for a while but has faded out in the past few years.

With that being said, I guess the “Daily-Photo-Challenge”/”Monthly Challenge”, has dug itself out of the grave and made its way onto WordPress.

The challenge for the 14th day of October on WordPress is to talk about things that you love.  I try to not love things, or participate in social media challenges but I have not much else to do in my hour gap between internship and class, so here we go:


Things I Love:

  • walking into my Nonni’s house
    • I love turning off Middletown Ave and driving down Nonni & Poppi’s steep gravel apron, swinging right (too fast) and pulling into they’re newly paved driveway.  I love rolling my eyes at how their three cars are poorly parked, taking up the entire parking area.  I love guessing if Poppi is in his acres of land collecting old golf balls he has hit; is on the front porch talking to himself while watching the birds on the feeder; or is sitting at his desk in the living room looking at stocks on the computer.  I love, finally, throwing my car into park and racing through the grass to gain access to their place.  I [don’t actually] love fighting their broken screen-door to get onto the porch (I’ve been wanting that fixed for 5+ years).  I love twisting the gold doorknob of their thick white front door.  I love how no matter where Poppi is on the property, he greets me with opens arms, yelling “There’s my sweetheart!”.  I love the gust of love that hits me when I enter the house.  I love how predictable my 80-year-old grandparents can be.  For instance, if it’s a weekday when I’m over, the upstairs will smell of Nonni’s pasta fagioli or lentil soup.  If it’s the morning I’ll get a whiff of coffee the second I walk up the stairs and if it’s night time then I can almost promise Nonni has flooded the house with the smell of extra buttery popcorn.  I love the way my heart and body feel when I enter my grandparents house.  I love that that feeling is so  powerful I feel the same uplifting way walking into their house even when they’re not home.

IMG_0003IMG_1981 IMG_2183 IMG_6285IMG_6579

  • going to school in Boston
    • I would not trade my school’s location for anything.  I love having the city of Boston as my campus.  I loved that when I lived in the dorms freshman year I had the Boston Common across the street from me.  I loved that when I lived in the apartments sophomore year I was able to smell every local restaurant Downtown & had the city light’s shine through my window at night.   I love having to cut through the State House Courtyard to get to class.  I love catching the T.  I love the fact that the entire Greater Boston Area walking distance.  I love the amount of pride and passion I see every day- whether it’s people in yellow and black jerseys putting their faith into a team on ice or its a someone giving a tour talking genuinely about the amazing history and present living that the city offers.  I love the shoulder-to-shoulder street walking on game night and being able to tell if the Sox’s won just by the body language of people flooding out of Fenway.  I love walking through the countless green clean parks the city provides.  I love challenging my ability to strut in high heels on cobblestone roads.  I love that when I’m in my night class I see the sunset from the 10th story of a gorgeous modern building.  I love the diversity I’m exposed to in and out of the classroom.  I love the job opportunities and the ambition people that fill the streets.  I love seeing Meals On Wheels for the homeless because it shows how many Bostonians concern for others well beings.  I love that my professors understand the excited, prospecting souls their students have.  I love how they encourage us to never loose our spark.  I love freely walking through the streets & leisurely absorbing all that Boston has to offer.  I love Beacon Hill as much as I love Mission Hill and I have just as much fun in Cambridge as in Alston.  I love that there is a harbor & marinas less than ten minutes from skyscrapers & Chinatown.  I love living in a clean, welcoming, ever-changing city.

FullSizeRender IMG_0256  IMG_1116  IMG_1387IMG_0258IMG_0196IMG_1704


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